Feel At Home

Our facilities are designed to feel and look much like a home. You'll find a comfortable atmosphere, with a high staff to resident ratio.

Accessible Rooms

Each of our rooms allow for plenty of space to get around for our residents. They are equipped to make living here accessible and comfortable.

Beautiful Exterior

We are conveniently located in a beautiful, calm, and quiet location in Idaho Falls.

Comfortable Serving Areas

People love to congregate around good food, so we've made our dining areas comfortable for residents, staff and family alike.

Plenty of Space to Enjoy

No one wants to be cooped up, so we make sure there is lots of space for our residents to get out and mingle with each other and get some exercise.

Family and Friends Welcome

With large hallways, comfortable seating and several entertainment options, visitors to the building will enjoy coming just as much as the residents will enjoy their stay.

Much More…

Private bedrooms, television rooms, hairstyling and much more are available. We pride ourselves in giving our residents access to all of the necessities of life, so they can focus on their health.

Want a closer look?

We welcome anyone who needs to find assisted living for their loved ones. Use the form at the right to schedule a tour and we will respond as soon as we are able.

Or call us directly at
(208) 715-5500